The European Power Plant Suppliers Association (EPPSA) is calling for more effective protection of the intellectual property rights (IPR) of European technology suppliers, who are continuing to suffer from IPR infringements, mainly by Chinese companies.

At a press briefing on IPR held during the recent VGB conference in Mannheim, Patrick Clerens of EPPSA described infringements suffered by four EPPSA members, Magaldi, Alstom, Hitachi Power Europe and NEM:

– Magaldi’s dry bottom ash technology was transferred to China, but then counterfeiting licensees stopped paying fees and sold the technology as their own technology inside China, amounting to complete loss of the Chinese market for Magaldi.

– Alstom’s wet FGD technology was licensed to a Chinese company for use only in China, but this licensee has offered the technology (claiming it to be its own design) as part of bids for two projects in eastern Europe, both supported by European public funds.

– Hitachi Power Europe found its original drawings were being used in international patent applications being made by its Chinese subcontractor.

– NEM found copies of its twin blade damper and diverter damper systems had been manufactured and patented in China by a former licensee.

Among other things EPPSA is calling for IPR to be key in defining the rules for public procurement within the EU. It also welcomes creation of the IPR Alliance (, kick-off meeting to be held 11 December, to provide a voice at EU level for companies affected by IPR issues.