The Czech energy group EPH has completed its purchase of Kraftwerk Mehrum GmbH (KWM) from Enercity and BS Energy.

The acquisitive privately owned Czech energy group EPH (Energetický a prumyslový holding, a.s.) has completed its purchase of Kraftwerk Mehrum GmbH (KWM) from Enercity (Stadtwerke Hannover Aktiengesellschaft) and BS Energy. The Mehrum hard coal plant, located about 20 km east of Hanover has an installed capacity of 750 MW, and employs about 120 people.
Somewhat against the prevailing trend in European utilities, EPH has been adding to its portfolio of fossil fired plants, both coal and CCGT, in recent years, including assets that might be described as “distressed”.
In September 2017 it closed the purchase of the Langage and South Humber Bank combined cycle plants from Centrica, paying £320 million for a total capacity of 2.3 GW.
In 2016 it acquired Vattenfall’s lignite interests in Germany and the Lynemouth hard coal plant in the UK (currently being converted to biomass).
In 2015 EPH acquired E.ON’s gas and coal generation assets in Italy and the Eggborough coal plant in the UK, which is being replaced with a new 2500 MW combined cycle plant.
EPH describes itself as a vertically integrated energy utility covering the complete value chain ranging from cogeneration and power generation to natural gas transmission, gas storage, and gas and electricity distribution and supply.
EPH says it generates over 100 TWh of power annually, which makes it the 7th largest power producer in Europe.