Under the contract, E.ON will install, operate and maintain a new 995kW biomass boiler at Unipart’s head offices in Oxford in a new purpose built, containerized external energy center.

Expected to provide a sustainable heat source for the site in the coming ten years, the project will allow Unipart to save about 668 tons of carbon every year, amounting to nearly £10,000 worth of savings on the company’s liability in the Government CRC energy efficiency scheme.

In addition, the project will deliver additional benefit of reduced maintenance costs, compared to previous heating systems.

As part of the deal, E.ON will manage the existing 1.6MW gas boilers at the site, which will be used at the times of high heat demand or during maintenance periods for the new biomass installation.

E.ON Connecting Energies’ Thomas Buss said, "We’re looking forward to working with Unipart to deliver energy efficient heating that will bring significant benefits to the company in terms of cost and carbon emissions and help the company to deliver on its ongoing commitment and passion for environmental management.

Unipart Property director Tim Scoging said, "At Unipart we are committed to delivering better than expected results as part of our ‘Unipart Way, and our agreement with E.ON encompasses these values by bringing new innovation to our energy usage.