The promotion was inevitable, states Jared Hochstedler, chief executive officer of Enzyme Environmental. Murph has proven himself an integral part of our success on all fronts of the business the past two months. His role with us has evolved beyond that which his formal title suggests and our accomplishments of late can be directly tied to his hard work and attention to detail.

Murphy has spent last two months streamlining the operations with company’s exclusive retail partner, assessing plant operations and laying the foundation for a larger domestic sales team on commercial/industrial side. Additionally, he is increasing potential in the international arena with the development of robust marketing materials and industrial test kits featuring a variety of formula applications for potential and existing customers.

Murphy has commented on execution of the domestic sales team: EESO is in the process of adding 18 new independent distributors in 11 states to market the commercial products and formula applications in the agriculture, manufacturing, food service, medical, oil and municipal sectors.

I am both excited and grateful for this new opportunity. EESO is uniquely poised to make a significant impact in the universal cause to help our country and the world become a safer, cleaner place for our children to live. We receive inquiries almost daily from people who have a new application idea for our products, want to help market our product or want to use our product in the manufacture of their products. It is truly exciting to a part of something that has so much interest, momentum and potential.

Hochstedler added, Murph has been a great addition to our company and will do a great job handling all day-to-day operations. This will allow me to spend more time developing new applications as well as new clients both domestically and internationally. Next week I will be traveling to Peru to meet with many new potential customers. We also have a pending buyout which needs my significant attention in regards to decisions I need to make in the best interest of our company. It has been my passion from the ground up to build an enterprise strong in EESO, and reward its shareholders as we move forth, one way or the other. I couldn’t do this without a capable partner like Mark Murphy accompanying me at the helm.