On completion of the €2.6 billion building programme, Endesa will own some 11,430 MW of CCGT capacity worldwide with an additional 3,200 MW in Spain and Portugal, 874 MW in Latin America and at least 1,100 MW in mainland Europe.

By 2009, the company will have 11 combined cycle plants in the Iberian market, representing 38% of its total CCGT capacity.

In Latin America, Endesa will increase its capacity to 3,542 MW with installed capacity in the rest of Europe at 3,500 MW by 2009.

As part of this programme Endesa been granted approval to develop two gas-fired combined cycle plants in France with a total capacity of 800 MW.

Endesa subsidiary Snet is to develop the plants near Saint Avold, in northeast France, with the stations due to begin commercial operation in the first half of 2009.

The plants will be set up at Snet’s Émile Huchet (Nordesde) site, which already has 1,086 MW of coal-fired capacity installed.

In September 2004 Endesa raised its stake in Snet, which owns four coal-fired plants in France with combined capacity of 2,604 MW, to 65%

The development, which is expected to require some €400 million, will form part of Endesa Europa’s plan to develop 2,000 MW of additional capacity in France.

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