The program aims to boost gas sales while allowing the company to obtain independent reserves certification at Red Gully.

With the approval, the company will proceed with its Red Gully-1 B sands perforation and well test program early next month.

The test will assess if the B Sands contain sufficient gas to allow the supply of 15PJ by the EP 389 Joint Venture to Alcoa part of current gas supply agreement (GSA) as well as to determine if there is any gas for further sales.

Till date, Red Gully-1 production performance indicated that the reserve recovery of the D Sands is likely to be lower than originally expected because of significant pressure depletion.

During the B Sands perforation operations, the company will further recover down-hole pressure data on the D Sands.

When combined with Wannamal 3D seismic mapping, the bottom-hole pressure data will provide more accurate estimate of recoverable reserves from the D Sands.

Earlier, Expro Group Australia, which is the wholly owned Australian subsidiary of Expro, had selected Empire to provide services to conduct the Red Gully-1 well program.