This modulated compressor technology is now available in a complete line of 3-15 horsepower models for commercial air conditioning applications.

“Emerson Climate Technologies is proud to announce we’ve reached the 500,000 Copeland Scroll Digital compressor milestone,” said Bart Powelson, director of commercial marketing, Emerson Climate, air conditioning division. “We’re truly pleased with the industry’s positive reaction to Copeland Scroll Digital technology. System manufacturers have seen great success with this modulation technology, and several more have plans to introduce new R-410A equipment designs utilizing these variable capacity compressors.”

Copeland Scroll Digital technology has been successfully applied in a diverse range of applications worldwide. Copeland Scroll Digital compressors benefit commercial air conditioning cooling or dehumidification applications such as restaurants, schools, museums, hospitals or telecommunications. In Asia, Copeland Scroll Digital is featured in variable refrigerant flow systems with multiple evaporators. Refrigeration applications include marine sea containers, supermarket cases, and industrial air driers.

The compressor matches the changing cooling requirements of the space, and it does this without changing the speed of the motor. This approach to capacity modulation is as much as 30% more efficient than traditional hot-gas bypass and is capable of precisely holding temperatures to within half a degree Fahrenheit. The new compressor design allows for more efficient and highly controllable system performance which is valuable for both contractors and end-users.