Electric Motors and Vehicles Company (EMAV), an electric vehicles (EVs) and EV technologies developer, plans to conduct investigative R&D, design, and engineering for the EMAV PRU trailer, a patent-pending self-propelled EV power regeneration system designed to extend EV range.

The PRU (Power Regeneration Unit) is an evolution of the Mopar – Jeep Off Road Camper/Trailer that has been engineered, tested, and assembled by EMAV for the automobile parts and service arm of Chrysler Group, integrated with electric control technologies developed by EMAV.

The PRU addresses the anxiety of the EV owners about the range of their vehicles, enabling them to take their EVs on much longer trips, and charging them where EV charging station infrastructure does not yet exist.

EMAV, which currently has patents pending for a number of EV power regeneration systems, vehicle electronics and electric drive systems technologies, plans to launch this new electric car range extender in the second half of 2011 with a running prototype scheduled for Q1 2011.

EMAV founder and president Wil Cashen said that for EVs to be truly viable for a mass consumer audience, we need to bridge the gap between low-range EVs that can travel moderate distances to EVs which can truly become the sole family vehicle.

“Our goal is to move the marketplace beyond the first generation of EVs to more powerful and rugged cars that also have endurance. This will evolve the electric car paradigm from a supplemental to a primary car for consumers,” Cashen said.