Eltek Valere has introduced 24V high-efficiency AC-DC power system, Flatpack 2 24/1800 HE rectifier module, that decreases wasted power and slashes electricity and cooling expenses. The Flatpack 2 24/1800 HE rectifier module offers over 95% peak efficiency in contrast to industry's 90%. This is third in a series of high-efficiency rectifiers as part of its green-line product strategy.

“This is a pioneering new system because much of the industry’s focus on high efficiency has been on 48V technology, but 24V power is essential at many cell sites and now these carriers have an alternative to help lower their costs and meet their environmental commitments,” said Allen Pitts, Eltek Valere president for the Americas.

The Flatpack 2 24/1800 HE is a separate 24-volt AC-to-DC power rectifier and battery charger that offers up to 1.8kW at nominal input. The rectifier can be used in a multiple system configurations from Eltek Valere, and can be scaled up to 48kW and beyond. The Flatpack 2 24/1800 HE offers intelligent self-protective features like reduced output power at high temperatures or low AC input.

The efficiency of the rectifier, together with Eltek Valere’s system and controller features, can facilitate carriers to offer dependable and extended reserve times– at a time when many are facing initiatives to provide increased back up power at cell sites to maintain service during emergencies.

In battery backup applications, Eltek Valere’s controllers offer features that optimize the performance of various battery technologies. Comprehensive monitoring, testing, and reporting capabilities permit early indication of any impending issues. The result is extended battery life and lower maintenance costs.

Many Eltek Valere power systems support multiple power bus configurations, which enable operators to distribute loads into high and low priority. Low priority systems can be automatically taken off line during a power outage, extending the battery reserve time for the most critical systems.

Many a times, emergency generator sets are restricted in their capacity to meet the growing power demand at cell sites. The use of HE rectifiers lessens the load on these emergency generators, and makes more effective use of their capacity.

The Flatpack 2 24/1800 HE has plug and play capabilities for simple installation. Operators can also plug the new rectifier into the power shelf and it automatically logs on, gets an assigned ID, downloads the system set parameters from the control system and starts up.

Eltek Valere also provided at 48V version of the Flatpack product family, giving carriers a complete solution for high-efficiency power at cell sites or in other parts of the network. A combined 24V/48V Flatpack system is also possible using converters.