Elster has introduced the IP AxisLink platform, including the IP AxisLink integrated router/gatekeeper/gateway and IP AxisLink secure tunnel server, for AMI and DA convergence.

The IP AxisLink platform enhances Elster’s EnergyAxis smart grid solution by providing IP-enabled convergence between advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA) networks.

The new offering provides Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication and interoperability with supervisory control and data acquisition, DA and outage management systems to support a utility’s existing infrastructure.

The IP AxisLink device and server offer advanced SCADA data path encryption and authentication mechanisms, and it provides an IP routing function and serves as a secure virtual private network tunnel server to the IP AxisLink devices.

Elster systems and products senior vice president David Hart said the new platform leverages existing AMI communication infrastructure for DA connectivity at incremental cost by enabling key smart grid advantages such as conservation voltage reduction, integrated volt/VAR control, fault detection and other valuable components of AMI-DA convergence.