To be operated by Elementa, the plant would convert 50,000 tonnes of post-recycled municipal solid waste with a 10MW generation capacity, which is enough electricity to power around 10,000 homes.

The plant, which is required to comply with all Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) operational requirements, will provide further recycling capabilities to the local community and supply additional capacity to the Ontarian grid system.

The company is currently looking to complete all remaining details to move forward with the construction on the project.

Elementa’s proprietary technology, which is being introduced following a decade of development and planning, features a steam reformation chemistry that enables the electricity generation, while providing an alternative to landfilling residual waste streams.

Elementa claims that its proprietary, non-incineration-based commercial waste management solution and alternative energy technology is likely to surpass air, waste and water regulations prescribed by the MOE.

Elementa president, CEO and founder Jay Zwierschke said, "We are proud to be locating our new plant at The City of Sault Ste. Marie and working with the City to bring our full-scale commercial plant into production.

"This project will complement and support the vision of Sault Ste. Marie as the ‘Alternative Energy Capital of North America.’"