Canadian firm Electrovaya has secured its first energy storage purchase order worth nearly CAD$0.75m from the mining industry.

According to the company, the energy storage system for the mining projects throughout the world will be delivered in 2014.

Electrovaya said these projects are located in remote sites and commonly use expensive diesel generators, which consume large amounts of fuel, as the power source.

The company claims that its Lithium Ion SuperPolymer2.0 battery technology will reduce the consumption of diesel as well as green-house gas emissions.

Electrovaya Business Development vice president Dr. Rajshekar Das Gupta said the mining industry needs to reduce the usage of expensive diesel fuel in remote locations.

"We are pleased to receive this contract in this major industry sector. This also reinforces our strength as an industry leader for large scale lithium ion storage systems and micro-grid integrated energy storage systems," Gupta added.

"We see large continuing opportunities in the mining sector and look forward to working on this exciting project."