The Edinburgh City Council has launched a food waste recycling pilot scheme, under which nearly 20,000 households will receive sealed lockable boxes so they can collect their food waste for recycling.

Following the execution of this pilot that will cover a variety of housing types in the capital eastern districts in a bid to test the service, the council will roll out the food waste collections scheme to the remainder of the city, which will include 250,000 homes.

In addition to the scheme, which is expected to collect 20,000 tonnes of food waste per year when the service is fully available around the city, the council plans to set up a consultation with the residents in World Heritage area to address particular waste issues related to their property types.

The new waste project is expected to help the city increase its recycling rate to 75% by 2020 in order to avoid an increase in current landfill tax of over GBP7m to GBP12m in 2014 if action isn’t taken to get more people to reduce the amount of rubbish they bin.

Edinburgh City Council environmental spokesman Robert Aldridge said that residents should notice the difference in quality of service as more collections and better service come out of the new scheme.