Enables EDF to participate in nuclear program that is expected to be developed by Enel in Italy

French power company EDF and Italian electricity utility Enel have signed two industrial agreements for the development of nuclear energy.

The first agreement sets up a 50-50 consortium between EDF and Enel to look into the feasibility of developing a least four nuclear reactors based on EPR technology in Italy. The agreement will therefore enable EDF to participate in the nuclear program that Enel is expecting to develop in Italy.

A second agreement also plans to extend Enel’s participation in the French new nuclear program and to join forces with the Italian group in the construction and operation of the new EPR reactor at Penly.

Enel already has a 12.5% interest in the EPR under construction at Flamanville and will take a similar holding, alongside other partners, in the second French EPR to be built by EDF and brought into service in 2017.

This partnership is consistent with the industrial partnership that the two companies signed up to in 2007 and provides for Enel to participate in France’s third generation nuclear program under EDF’s plans for EPRs in France between now and 2023. EDF also has the option to take part in any nuclear projects that Enel develops in Europe and in particular in Italy.