EDF Energies, a subsidiary of EDF Group, has entered into an agreement with Canada-based Enbridge for the development, construction and operation of three French offshore wind farms, totaling 1,400 MW of installed capacity.

Under the agreement, Enbridge will acquire a 50% stake in Eolien Maritime France (EMF), a firm that owns a controlling stake in the three offshore wind farms.

Following the deal, EDF Energies and Enbridge will become the co-owners of EMF with a stake of 50% each.

Enbridge plans to increase its presence in renewable energy sector, with 2,000 MW of net capacity projects already in operation or construction.

After forming a partnership in 2011, EDF Energies and Enbridge are currently operating four wind farms jointly. These farms have a total installed capacity of 830 MW.

EMF won tenders organised by French authorities for three offshore wind projects in 2012.

The projects include Eoliennes Offshore des Hautes Falaises, with an expected capacity of 498 MW off the coast of Fécamp (English Channel), Parc du Banc de Guérande, with an expected capacity of 480 MW off the coast of Saint-Nazaire (Atlantic coast), and Eoliennes Offshore du Calvados, with an expected capacity of 450 MW off the coast of Courseulles-sur- Mer (English Channel).

Construction of these projects is expected to start gradually from 2017.

EDF president and chief executive officer Jean-Bernard Lévy said: "Our subsidiary EDF Energies Nouvelles and Enbridge Inc. will work together to drive the future of the French offshore industry.

"The vision we share in development strategy and the complementary nature of our combined expertise will be the foundation to a strong collaboration. These major future wind farms will provide to our customers a low-carbon, reliable and decentralized energy.

"This is a fine example of what the Energy Transition for Green Growth law is trying to promote in France and it fits perfectly with CAP 2030, the strategy of the Group for the forthcoming years which aims at doubling its renewable energy capacity by 2030."

In February, EDF Energies announced the commissioning of the 8.5MW Park Spring, 26MW Burnhead Moss and 12.3MW Rhodders wind farms in the UK by its local subsidiary EDF Energy Renewables.