EDF has signed a joint-venture agreement with electricity producer China Datang Corporation (CDT) whereby EDF will hold a 49% stake in Datang International Fuzhou Power Generation Company (FPC).

Under the terms of the accord, the joint-venture will operate an ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant, claimed to be the first ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant to be operated by EDF, with two units with an output of 1,000MW each.

Currently, construction works are underway on the Fuzhou site in Jiangxi province in South-Eastern China while the plant is expected to be commissioned in 2016.

EDF chairman and CEO Henri Proglio said, "EDF is delighted to be able to work alongside Datang, a major player in China’s electricity sector, in constructing the latest generation of thermal power plant, equipped with innovative technology and high environmental performance standards."

The agreement also enables EDF to be deeply involved in the industrial process of constructing and operating the future power plant.

In addition to enhancing the group’s engineering and thermal plant operating expertise, the agreement will establish new industrial synergies with Guangdong Engineering and Design Institute (GEDI), the plant’s designers, or Dongfang, the turbine suppliers.