Bio-materials and sustainable fuels company, Edeniq has launched its Corn to Cellulosic Migration (CCM) pilot biorefinery at the company’s headquarters in California, US.

Constructed in partnership with Logos Technologies, the plant is funded 80% by the $25m Integrated Biorefinery Initiative Program of the US Department of Energy.

Edeniq President and CEO Brian Thome said that the company shares the American dream of reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil with minimal effect on the environment.

"We are working towards this goal by demonstrating, in our pilot plant, advanced technologies and methods to convert non-food cellulosic feedstocks into ethanol in an economically and environmentally compelling way," added Thome.

The pilot plant is capable of converting two dry tons per day of feedstock into cellulosic sugars and producing 50,000 gallons per year cellulosic ethanol.

US Department of Energy estimates a reduction of 86% in greenhouse gas emissions by using ethanol produced from cellulosic materials when compared to gasoline.