If approved, a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity would experience a monthly increase of approximately $19.21. The company is also asking to continue with the Fuel Adjustment Clause that was approved in its last case.

Bill Gipson, president and CEO of EDE, said: “We are seeking new rates to begin recovery of the investment we have made or are making to our electric system, specifically environmental upgrades at Iatan Unit 1 and new generating units Iatan 2 and the Plum Point Generating Station, plus the annual operating costs associated with these units. These additions will allow Empire to continue to provide reliable service to its customers with a balanced mix of resources.”

The Iatan 1 environmental upgrades and the Iatan 2 addition are included in Empire’s long-term and least-cost energy plan that was approved by the MPSC in August 2005.

After the recent filing with the MPSC, an audit of Empire’s operations, a public hearing, and an evidentiary hearing will be held. The company anticipates that any new rates approved would not become effective until the fall of 2010.