Ecosphere said the fabrication of the second EF80 unit will be completed in the coming weeks.

Both EF80 units are being manufactured for the recently announced Ecosphere Energy Services, technology licensing and manufacturing agreement with Hydrozonix.

The new Ozonix EF80 mobile unit is capable of processing flow rates up to 80 barrels per minute or about four million gallons per day.

The EF80 allows energy producers to recycle and reuse 100% of their flow-back and produced waters to fracture new wells, reducing the amount of fresh water needed for oil and gas fracturing operations and decreasing the amount of equipment needed on the well site.

Ecosphere chairman and CEO Charles Vinick said the EF80 development has been driven by customer demand and is a high-volume, mobile, advanced oxidation system that enables energy producers to eliminate biocide and scale inhibitors used during the hydraulic fracturing process of unconventional oil and gas wells.

Ecosphere is a water engineering, technology licensing and environmental services company.

Hydrozonix provides environmentally responsible water treatment solutions to assist energy exploration and production companies with their hydraulic fracturing and water recycling programs.