EAU Technologies, Inc. (EAU) has received a patent from the US Patent Office, to use the Empowered Water Primacide A and C for mold remediation. Empowered Water Primacide A and Primacide C are produced by the company's new science generators using a combination of the cell technology, salt and electricity to alter molecular structure of water to produce a non-toxic, oxidized antimicrobial solution.

The Empowered Water Primacide solutions are disinfecting fluids which kill various pathogens like bacteria, viruses, molds and spores, within seconds of contact. The US patent number is Patent #US7,445,800 B2.

The company conducted a protocol studies for the use of Empowered Water in mold remediation with a research firm. The results demonstrated a dramatic reduction of mold counts on the contaminated surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals.

‘In entering any new channel, we first must conduct extensive research to prove the application. Following that, we protect it as best as we can while we develop a realistic business model and find an industry partner to assist with rolling out the technology,’ said Wade Bradley, chief executive officer of EAU Technologies, Inc. ‘Mold remediation proved very effective early on. As mold is a major cause of asthma and respiratory problems, especially in children, we are confident that the use of our non-toxic solutions will contribute to a shift in how the industry approaches remediation in this area.’

Bradley added that the company is actively involved in commercializing the industrial applications for clean-in-place (CIP), poultry processing and in the dairy applications.