Easy Energy, Inc. (Easy Energy) has completed the final design of its YoGen Max, a compact foldable manpowered charger for the laptop computers and other like-sized devices. The YoGen Max will allow the company to service the extremely large and growing market for the chargers capable of handling the portable electronic devices of 50-60 W, primarily for laptop and notebook computers. The new charger is designed to be conveniently foot operated.

The user will be able to produce adequate power to operate their laptop and charge its battery in an uninterrupted fashion, without detracting from their ability to simultaneously work on their computer, by pressing down on springy, suspended, self-returning pedal. The design of pedal mechanism and efficiency of generator enable for long-term operation at the required wattage without the significant user fatigue.

When not in use, the new charger folds up into a compact book-sized package. The breakthrough level of the performance characteristic of the YoGen line of the manpowered chargers that has made them a viable economical source of green alternative energy is allowed by dramatically new advances in several aspects of both the device’s mechanism that converts linear motion into rotary motion and the uniquely efficient alternator and electronic controller.

We are very pleased to have completed the final design of the YoGen Max in such a timely fashion, commented Guy Ofir, chief executive officer of Easy Energy. The finished device has met or exceeded our highest expectations in operational testing and its attractive appearance and compactness are great complements to its leading edge performance and durability. We believe that the ‘Max™’ will be an unmitigated success in the marketplace and are now engaged in the process to bring it into production with all possible speed. We expect to be able to announce substantial progress toward that goal in the near future.