The UK’s Powergen, owned by E.On UK, has revised plans to convert its oil-fired station located on the Isle of Grain in Kent, UK, and is instead planning to build a completely new CCGT and to retain the existing station.

The company had applied for permission from the DTI to convert its existing Grain oil-fired power station into a gas-fired station but has now asked for permission to build a £350 million ($619 million), 1,200 MW gas-fired station on the site instead of going ahead with the conversion.

Dr Paul Golby, E.On UK chief executive, said: “This proposal could also allow us to have the existing oil-fired station available, particularly during the winter months over the next few years when supply margins are under pressure.”

Units 1 and 4 at Grain are currently available for generation this winter, having been returned to service in response to concerns about gas supply.