The Dulhasti hydro power project in India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir is now scheduled to be commissioned this year, 18 years behind schedule.

Officials are confident that the 3 x 130MW project will soon begin operations and ease the power shortage in Kashmir. When the foundation stone for the project was laid in 1983, the project was set to be completed in 1988. But from the very start the project was affected by problems due to armed separatist insurgents in Kashmir. Work on the project was stopped for more than five years when a French engineer engaged involved with project was abducted in 1991 by a terrorist group.

Officials said construction of the project is ‘almost complete’, and power cables, control boards and wires have been installed; the dam is ready and operated on frequently for maintenance.

Jammu and Kashmir is entitled to a 12% royalty on the power generated by the project on the Chenab river, as laid down in an agreement with the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), the agency executing the project.