Duke Energy will replace Oconee’s existing personnel contamination monitors with Mirion’s gasless body contamination monitors from the RADOS CheckPoint:Body product line, which provide scanning solutions for beta and gamma contamination. Both monitors feature Mirion’s advanced fiber-optic scintillation detectors, eliminating the need for expensive P-10 gas and providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas-operated monitors.

Contamination monitors are an essential component of a nuclear power plant’s radiation safety programme, helping to prevent the potential spread of radioactive contamination via workers’ clothing, helmet, shoes, or hands. All units will be maintained and monitored centrally with Mirion’s CeMoSys LAN-based software solution.

Antony Besso, president of health and physics division at Mirion, said: “This agreement represents another milestone in the long-term relationship between Mirion and Duke Energy. Mirion’s next-generation monitors will help Oconee meet their objective of continually improving site-wide instrumentation and management of radiologically controlled areas in a cost-effective fashion.”