Power companies across the nation are required to disclose plans for how they will comply with the new federal regulation for hundreds of coal ash basins.

Duke Energy has already committed to safely close all of its 60 coal ash basins in ways that protect people, the environment and customers' wallets.

When combined with past announcements, the company now plans to excavate 34 basins and safely cap another 18 basins across its fleet. The company will make closure decisions about remaining basins in the future.

Safe Basin Closure Options

Coal ash is a non-hazardous material created when coal is used to produce electricity. At one time, approximately half of the nation was powered by coal generation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes that excavation or capping basins, combined with long-term monitoring, can be equally protective of the environment. The EPA also acknowledges that the vast majority of ash in the nation will be safely stored by capping basins in place. Consistent with the industry, Duke Energy plans to safely dispose almost 70 percent of its ash by capping in place.

Closure plans must meet strict federal regulations and comply with specific state laws or requirements. Those detailed plans will be submitted to state regulators for review and approval.