Dresser Wayne is launching a new digital merchandising tool that allows fuel retailers to customize promotions of forecourt and in-store products at the fuel dispenser.

Using the industry’s only integrated and interactive VGA screen built into a fuel dispenser, the new technology, named iX Media Enterprise, allows retailers to show customized, full-motion video promotions and specials to fuel customers while they fill up their gas tanks.

Dresser Wayne’s iX Media Enterprise, which was developed in partnership with EK3 Technologies, was created to help retailers drive customers off pay-at-the-pump islands and back into stores. The new technology runs on Dresser Wayne’s award-winning iX Technology Platform and offers several unique features, including the ability to let consumers print coupons at the dispenser.

One feature the iX Media Enterprise offers is custom dayparting technology, which allows fuel retailers to offer specific discounts or product promotions depending on the time of day. For instance, iX Media Enterprise could advertise a coffee or breakfast-to-go special during morning drive time hours, then automatically switch to a fountain drink or snack food promotion during lunchtime.

It also offers dispenser-specific content distribution to provide greater flexibility in reaching specific target audiences. A fuel retailer might customize a marketing message to diesel pump customers, for example.