Anholt offshore wind farm is expected to supply its first power in 2012 and to be finally completed in 2013. The company said that the wind farm will be able to supply CO2-free power corresponding to the annual power consumption of 400,000 Danish households, or 4% of Denmark’s total power consumption.

In 2009, Dong Energy built Horns Rev 2 wind farm, which has a capacity of 209MW and is situated in the Danish sector of the North Sea, and a similar wind farm in the UK. The company is currently building two offshore wind farms in the UK and is the operator of several wind farms in Northern Europe.

Anders Eldrup, CEO of Dong Energy, said: ”Building Anholt offshore wind farm will be an important milestone in the expansion of renewable energy production in Denmark.

”The project will also fit well into our 85-15 plan to significantly increase our portfolio of renewable energy and to reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, we found it natural to bid for Anholt offshore wind farm.”