“Wind energy is one of our most promising renewable energy sources,” said DOE secretarym, Steven Chu. That’s why I’m pleased to make this announcement today. By continuing to make investments in renewable energy we can cut our dependence on foreign oil and invest in a clean energy agenda that creates jobs and puts money back into the pockets of consumers.”

The “20% Wind Energy by 2030” report found that the Nation possesses affordable wind energy resources in excess of those needed to generate 20% of U.S. electricity needs. The report also identified major challenges including: investment in a national transmission system; larger electric load balance areas and better regional planning; reduction in wind turbine capital costs; improvement of turbine performance; siting and environmental issues; and workforce development.

Selections are being announced today in four topic areas: market acceptance, environmental impact, workforce development, and distributed wind technology. Selections of two additional topic areas (supporting wind turbine research and testing; and transmission analysis, planning and assessments) will be announced at a later date.