The independent testing authority announced a new service addition to its PV module Product Qualification Program: Mounting System Installation Efficiency Testing.

The company claims that the new service helps reduce risks and make more accurate labor projections in solar panel installation.

DNV GL global solar service line leader Ray Hudson said the company’s solar customers urged it to step forward and provide standardized, independent testing.

"This helps them establish and evaluate their decisions based upon a common set of metrics for racking installations," Hudson added.

DNV GL head of qualification and component testing Jenya Meydbray said the company has a standardized methodology in place and an expanded testing site at its facility.

"We are able to conduct both commercial and residential testing," Meydbray added.

Under the standardized process, trained PV technicians will carry out an installation at the DNV GL test facility.

DNV GL engineers will then evaluate installation times, efficiencies and areas for enhancement.
Meydbray said, "This gives mounting system vendors and downstream partners an ‘apples to apples’ comparison to make decisions."

Image: DNV GL Mounting System Test Facility. Photo: Courtesy of DNV GL AS.