Diodes Incorporated (Diodes) has introduced two low voltage Omnipolar parts to its Hall effect sensor switches, AH1802 and AH1888. These new products reduce power consumption in battery-powered, hand-held devices and simplify production processes. These switches will be used in contact-less lid or display orientation and position detection objectives in notebooks, mobile phones, digital still cameras and camcorders.

Operating over a wide supply voltage range, the micro-power AH1802 and AH1888 Hall effect sensor switches support a broad range of battery cell configurations, from single cell Lithium Ion to dual cell alkaline/zinc. As an illustration of its low power operation, the AH1888 consumes just 15 micro-watts for a supply voltage of 1.8 volts.

The AH1802 and AH1888 detect the magnetic field generated by both north and south poles, thereby removing the requirement for production processes to manage magnet orientation. In the presence of a local magnetic field, the sensor produces a low level ‘ON’ output signal.

The AH1802 with an open drain, single output provides very high sensitivity. This makes the product suitable for sensing vertically oriented or smaller sized magnets. Packaged in an ultra thin 0.4mm height DFN2015, the compact AH1802 fits slider style mobile phones where height is critical. Offered in the low profile SOT-553 package, the AH1888’s dual complementary push-pull outputs enable the device to be directly connected to a system processor without the use of pull up resistors. Outputs adjust to polarity changes, allowing the device to support key wheel type magnets, which are used to detect position and orientation for displays or keyboards that pivot or rotate.

The chopper stabilization circuitry of the sensors delivers superior temperature stability. This makes them less sensitive to physical stress and guards against switch-point drift. Both devices support an operating temperature range from -40C to 85C.