Diavik Diamond Mine, a Canada-based diamond mine 40% owned by Dominion Diamond, has produced 1.9 million carats from 0.6 million tonnes of ore processed in the first quarter (Q1) of 2014, as against 1.9 million carats from 0.5 million tonnes of ore processed in the comparable period last year.

Processing volumes during the period were 17% higher than 2013 figures, driven by continuing improvements in mining rates.

However, the Carat production was down by 4% during the quarter compared to the comparable quarter last year. The downfall was primarily due to mining and processing of lower grade A-154 North ore.

For the rest of fiscal year 2014, Diavik Diamond Mine plans to produce approximately 6.1 million carats from the mining and processing of approximately 1.9 million tonnes of ore.

The extractions will include approximately 0.7 million tonnes from A-154 North, approximately 0.4 million tonnes from A-154 South and approximately 0.8 million tonnes from A-418 kimberlite pipes.

Additionally, the mine will produce from coarse ore rejects (COR) and from the improved recovery of small diamonds.