DEME companies carried out the full range of maritime activities in connection with the Thornton wind farm installation.

The contract calls for the installation of 102 foundations for the Walney I + II wind farms, to be constructed in the Irish Sea. The foundations consist of monopiles, in excess of 500 tons each, on top of which a 3.6 MW Siemens turbine will be mounted. GeoSea will assign its jack-up platforms Vagant and the brand new Goliath (the latter to be christened in Antwerp on August 6, 2009). The work on Walney I is scheduled to start in April 2010 and to be completed by July 2011.

In second contract a different technique will be used, consisting of four 80 ton monopiles per wind turbine. On top of the monopiles a jacket will be constructed, on top of which the wind turbine is then installed. GeoSea will execute this job together with Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors, a sister company in the DEME group.

In third contract, the jacket platform was similarly chosen as the foundation of choice. Every wind turbine is secured on top of four monopiles and a jacket. GeoSea’s jack-up platform Buzzard is currently on site, installing the 80 ton monopolies. Immediately after the christening ceremony of August 6, 2009 GeoSea will mobilize its newest jack-up platform Goliath to Alpha Ventus for the installation of the turbines on top of the jacket foundation.