The demand for global grid storage applications will grow to $10.4bn in 2017, while Europe will account for 33% of the total installed capacity, according to a report by Lux Research.

In the report ‘Finding the Perfect Partner in the Global Grid Storage Market,’ Lux Research said government entities and corporates can strengthen the global grid storage partnership web in the wake of catastrophic technology developer failures.

According to the report, in order to address the fast-growing market, which was at $200m in 2012, developers will need to find the best partners to improve their capabilities and allow access to new markets against a host of competitors.

Lux Research senior analyst Steve Minnihan said a strong network complete with complementary technologies, material supplies, and opportunities to customers, can speed up a company’s progress and cushion it against some unpredictable market dynamics.

"However, quantity is no indicator of quality in evaluating a developer’s partnership network, because not all partnerships are created equal," Minnihan added.

The report found that of the 877 companies evaluated in the grid storage network, 718 are linked together in a mega-cluster, while 169 remain on the perimeter alone or in strings of isolated relationships.