Delta Electronics, an energy saving solutions provider, has introduced hybrid renewable energy solutions (RenE), under its SolutionE concept, for telecom customers to optimize green energy and value.

SolutionE, a recently launched concept that brings together Delta’s telecom power products, aims to revolutionize market standards by enabling significant direct and indirect energy savings.

Under the concept, RenE solutions feature a modular power supply concept that can use any combination of solar power, wind turbines, mains power, diesel generators and fuel cells, which may reduce payback time as well as electricity bills for over 50%.

The company said that instead of constantly driving to distant places for maintenance purposes, nature’s own elements can be harnessed for a steady energy supply.

A typical hybrid installation consists of a rectifier system, gen-set, PV array and wind turbine.

With Delta’s stand-alone system or a combination of renewable and traditional energy sources the CO2 emission rate falls rapidly, leaving a minimal carbon footprint.