Canadian miner Delrand Resources has reported numerous potential targets at its diamond projects near Kasai region of the southern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The miner has identified many permits that hold lherzolitic garnets containing samplesand they are within the diamond stability field. These garnets, which are also associated with abundant kimberlitic ilmenite, are expected to produce diamond-bearing kimberlites.

Delrand is continuing with the exploration operations at the projects in collaboration with Rio Tinto to interpret a large diamond exploration dataset covering about 100,000kmĀ² area, the company said.

Commenting on exploration activities, Delrand Resources president Dr. Mike de Wit said that the company is currently focusing on exploration program in partnership with Rio Tinto.

"Delrand has itself amassed and obtained access to a considerable amount of exploration data. The Company is now processing and further exploring arguably one of the most comprehensive DRC diamond exploration data bases that have ever been assembled,"
added Wit.

The data secured from recent works along with Delrand’s large database provides the company with the potential exploration database for diamonds over the Kasai Craton. The project reportedly the major producer of 1.2 billion carats of diamond produced at DRC.