The well located is situated 1,090m in the water.

DECC gave its consent after Chevron submitted detailed applications including environmental impact assessment and emergency response plan as per the standard guidelines.

In addition, the Health and Safety Executive investigated and thoroughly examined Chevron’s well design and drilling plans in detail before giving a no objection to the proposal.

UK Energy Minister John Hayes said the UK oil and gas industry is now focusing on the north and west of Shetland areas for development.

"Chevron’s plans and their emergency response measures have been thoroughly scrutinised by my Department to make certain their conduct is of the very highest standard," Hayes added.

The company also provided detailed confirmation on the various factors it considered as a part of the assessment process as per
DECC’s guidance and this included Blow-out Preventer management, inspection and independent verification; and auditing of well cementing procedures.

Chevron also provided details of overall communications, management responsibilities and interaction with major contractors.