Danisco Sugar has opened a new plant for the production of bioethanol based on sugar beet. The plant is located adjacent to Danisco's sugar factory in Anklam, Germany.

The plant represents an investment of about DKK200 million and has a capacity of 56 million liters of ethanol annually. The raw material used is sugar juice extracted from beet at the sugar factory.

Danisco Sugar said that, compared to petrol, using the bioethanol that the company produces in Anklam will involve 60% lower CO2 emissions. Thus, the reduction by far exceeds the expected European Union minimum requirement for the area of 35%, according to Danisco.

Mogens Granborg, CEO of Danisco Sugar, said: It is with great pleasure that we turn on the tap for this new initiative in the energy area. From outline to finished plant, the project was completed in just two years in an intense process which went according to plan thanks to the effective and committed efforts of our employees and advisers, and strong support from the local authorities.