Dais Analytic, a developer of nanotechnology applications for water and energy market, has secured a $254,500 economic incentive from the Pasco County to speed up its progress in developing energy efficient heating, cooling, and refrigeration products called ‘NanoAir’.

The county funding will complement and expand planned uses of the Advanced Research Project Agency – Energy grant that Dais received earlier this year from the Department of Energy to develop HVAC products for energy efficiency market.

Dais will use the proceeds from this grant to bring on additional employees and contract for engineering services to decrease the time to initial commercial sales of this heating/cooling and refrigeration process made possible by Dais’s nanotechnology plastics.

Dais, which is currently testing two NanoAir test units, expects to deliver the results of the project in August 2011, following which it will begin initial commercialization of NanoAir as a newer option for the company’s existing ConsERV product line.

Dais’ energy efficient products including ConsERV and NanoAir heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration system are claimed to use 50% less energy, lower emissions by a similar percentage, and use no fluorocarbon producing refrigerants.

Dais chief technology officer Scott Ehrenberg said that NanoAir uses known properties found in water, air from outside, and Dais’s nanotechnology materials to create a highly efficient heating/cooling or refrigeration cycle.