At the ‘Auto China’ in Shanghai, the company demonstrated its latest developments in the field of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles with the unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class ‘Hybrid’ and a cutaway model of the fuel-cell version of the new B-Class, the ‘F-Cell’.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class ‘Hybrid’ showcases DaimlerChrysler’s latest hybrid-drive generation. The drive system has a maximum performance of up to 241 kilowatts (340 horsepower), a new record for automobiles with hybrid drive. The eight-cylinder CDI diesel engine delivers 191 kilowatt (260 horsepower) and 560 newton-meters. The drive is also equipped with two electrical motors with a total output of 50 kilowatts (70 horsepower).

With the Mercedes-Benz B-Class ‘F-Cell’, DaimlerChrysler is extending its family of fuel-cell vehicles into the sports-tourer segment. The high-torque electric motor will deliver more than 100 kilowatts (136 horsepower). Thanks to reduced consumption and significantly improved hydrogen storage capacity, its range has doubled, compared to previous company fuel-cell drives, to nearly 400 kilometers on a full tank.