Located on the upstream toe of the 56m high CFRD, it is being carried out using the diaphragm walling technique and reaches a maximum depth of 70m, has a total area of 8000m and is 1m thick.

The Dhauliganga power plant project is under construction on the border triangle between India, Nepal and China. A joint venture of Kajima Corporation of Japan and Daewoo Corporation from the Republic of Korea are working on the scheme.

bauer Maschinen of Germany was awarded a contract for supplying suitable excavation equipment and for assisting with technical knowledge which would enable the joint venture to construct the cut-off wall within 12 months.

As of the end of October 2002, 65 % of the wall area was completed – well ahead of the construction schedule.

The main equipment used by Bauer for the excavation work has been the BC 40 trench cutter which is equipped with especially designed rock cutting wheels.