The company will start the production of its Safstore range of robust shielded packages to safely transport and store radioactive wastes.

In collaboration with nuclear industry, Croft has designed Safstore range containers for low specific activity materials such as the 4m, 2m and 2m half-height Safstores and for Type B contents (3m3 Safstores).

The nuclear industry will use the newly designed and technically active containers to transport, store, and dispose the intermediate level radioactive waste (ILW).

The new generation containers are more advantageous than the earlier generation containers.

Croft Associates is working with ductile cast iron (DCI) foundries to develop high grade components essential for demanding industries like nuclear where prolonged storage and safety is uncompromised.

The new generation containers have been designed to store radioactive waste safely for up to 150 years, and still be safe for handling and transportation.

Croft Associates managing director Bob Vaughan said the company has designed the robust packages as per the required quality for production readiness units.

"We are now in a position to supply customers with the means to transport ILW in IP-2 and Type B transport packages and we can help nuclear licensed sites, such as Sellafield, to accelerate hazard reduction, decommissioning and site clean-up," Vaughan added.

"In our industry, where safety is paramount, change takes time.

"This new generation of packages will not only speed up decommissioning, allowing for more rapid progress in hazard reduction, and significantly reduce costs but will also ensure that stringent safety requirements can be adhered to, not just now, but for centuries to come."