The foreign and economics ministers of Croatia and Slovenia will meet in Mokrice, Slovenia, Reuters reports, to resolve a dispute centred around the Krsko nuclear power station.

The two countries built the power station while still part of Yugoslav federation. Since dissolution of the latter, ownership and control of the plant has been difficult to resolve. The dispute came to a head in July when Slovenia cut the power supply from Krsko to Croatia. The plant had earlier sued the Croatian power board for $60 million due for power already delivered from the station.

Croatia disputed the sum involved, but paid part of the debt, and threatened to sue Slovenia over severance of bilateral agreements. Slovenia reconnected the power supply, but now runs the plant alone. Around 18 per cent of Croatia’s power comes from the plant.

The existing agreement dates from 1970. Croatia is seeking to replace this with a new agreement. The two countries have yet to agree a date for the plant’s eventual decommissioning. The countries’ differences are compounded by border territorial issues and the repatriation of Croatian savings held in a Slovenian bank.