US-based energy producer Constellation Energy has restarted the unit 2 at its Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant, after resolving a mechanical problem, which led to shut down of the unit.

The nuclear plant is located on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Lusby, Calvert County, in Maryland, US.

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group spokesman Kory Raftery was quoted by The Baltimore Sun as saying that the company has reconnected the unit to the regional electric grid after fixing the faulty coupling on a pump feeding water, into one of two steam generators at the plant.

Unit 1 at the plant was working at its full capacity during the unplanned shutdown of unit 2.

Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant is owned and operated by Constellation Energy, which is a joint venture between Exelon and Électricité de France (EDF).

The plant has two 2,700 megawatt thermal (MWth) Combustion Engineering Generation II two-loop pressurized water reactors, each generating plant producing about 850MW.