A consortium led by Siemens says that it will complete construction of an 800 MW coal fired power plant in Germany by 2013 in spite of bottlenecks prevalent in the worldwide power plant construction sector.

The new plant has been ordered by Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (KMW) and will be constructed by Siemens, Austrian Energy & Environment (AE&E) and Japanese company IHI under a EUR1 billion contract.

The consortium will build the hard coal fired plant at the existing KMW power plant site in Mainz. It will produce 200 MW of district heat as well as 30 MW of process steam for nearby industrial plants.

The project represents the second order received by this consortium for a coal fired plant in Germany. The plant will help some of the region’s industrial facilities avoid their own emissions, and ensure reliable energy supplies.

Construction is due to start by early 2009. “Despite the very tight situation relating to planning and erection resources, and delivery bottlenecks worldwide for key components such as turbines, pumps, piping, tanks and vessels, we have succeeded together with the customer in achieving an optimised division of the scopes of supply and services,” said Michael Süss, CEO of the Siemens Energy Division Fossil Power Generation.

Siemens’ scope of supply encompasses key components such as the steam turbine and generator, and the electrical and I&C systems. AE&E and IHI will supply the tower boiler, the flue-gas desulphurization plant, and other supply and disposal systems. AE&E is also responsible for overall erection.

Further key supplies such as the plant’s coal handling and ash removal systems, and principal civil structures will be provided by KMW and integrated into the plant.

The use of advanced technology will allow the plant to attain a very high efficiency of 46 per cent, says Siemens.