CoaLogix received these new contracts from separate coal-fired generation companies. The electric generation companies cover geographical regions including the Northeast and the Midwest.

SCR-Tech will begin delivery of the regenerated SCR catalyst in the spring of 2010. In addition to regenerated catalyst, SCR management and catalyst testing services are included in the scope of supply.

According to CoaLogix, regenerated catalyst costs less than new and can be available faster than purchasing new SCR catalyst. It reduces landfills and has a lower CO2 footprint than new catalyst.

Bill McMahon, CEO of CoaLogix, said: “We are proud to add these new customers to the over 20,000MW of SCRs under management. We continually strive to exceed expectations for our customers and these new orders are a result of that commitment. These new orders will likely be processed at our additional new plant recently announced here in Charlotte.”

CoaLogix is focused on providing services to coal-fired generating facilities to reduce their environmental footprint through technology, optimization and efficiency improvements.