As per the terms of the agreement, SCR-Tech will provide the utility with regenerated SCR catalyst replacements and services to reduce NOx in its coal fired plants.

In addition, the company will also conduct the testing of SO3 (sulfur trioxide) removal efficiency at two power generation units. The delivery of the regenerated SCR catalyst is scheduled to begin this fall.

According to the company, the regenerated SCR catalyst that costs 40% less than a new one, requires 66% less CO2 in its operation.

To date, CoaLogix is claimed to have produced over 20,000 modules of regenerated SCR catalyst, many during actual plant outages and has over 25,000MW under contract for catalyst management services in addition to over 3,000 modules of plate, honeycomb and corrugated catalyst of various specifications developed under the company’s NOxAssure program, representing $20m.

Bill McMahon, CEO of CoaLogix, said: “These orders reflect the ongoing confidence of a long-time customer, who has not only expanded the use of our products and services, but engaged us to perform additional testing and consulting services, helping them to improve their operations. We will utilize both regeneration plants here in Charlotte to serve these new orders.”