Indian state-owned coal mining company Coal India has reported a coal production of 452.5 million tons for the fiscal 2013, a growth of 3.8% year-on-year.

The coal production, however, fell short of previous estimations by 12 million tons. The company had predicted that the coal production for the fiscal would reach 464.10 million tons.

Earlier this year, Coal India stated that it is likely to fall short of its fiscal target citing bad weather conditions. The fall in the output reportedly driven by heavy rains and cyclone that hit the mine in the months of October – November last year.

Besides, shortage of man-power during the same period has added to the woes of the miner.

Meanwhile, the company has achieved offtake mark of 99% of the estimated target. It also delivered 465.2 million tons of fuel to its customers, a 7.4% increase compared to fiscal 2012; although its initial target was of 470 million tons.