Clean Energy Fuels Corporation has started providing natural gas fuel to additional trucking fleets which will now begin using compressed natural gas (CNG) paving way for the accelerated conversion of the trucking industry's conversion to natural gas fuel in the US.

Existing Clean Energy public access stations and new ones to be built for the newly-added trucking fleets will start dispensing CNG to five trucking fleets which include Saddle Creek Logistics, Services Premier Transportation, Hoopes Turf Farm, Transport Division, Lily Transportation Corporation and Lancaster Foods.

Clean Energy Chief Marketing Officer James Harger said that the newly added trucking fleets while being geographically diverse had the common desire to reduce their fuel costs and to deploy cleaner operating fleets.

"With the availability of a new class of heavy-duty natural gas trucks as well as more fueling stations, regional and national trucking operators are seeing the enormous benefits of converting to natural gas as their transportation fuel," added Harger.