American technology firm Itron has secured a contract to help enhance water efficiency in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The City of Lancaster Public Works Department will use Itron’s smart water solution to upgrade its distribution system.

Itron Total Outcomes will be used to maintain the communications network and the city will also host the companmy's analytics application.

With Itron’s water solution, the City of Lancaster can enhance its customer service, improve operational analysis and better understand consumer demand by turning detailed meter data into actionable intelligence using analytics.

Water efficiency in the city will also be improved through detection of residential plumbing leaks. Initially, analysis in Lancaster indicates that it can save about $130,000 to $200,000 per year of taxpayer’s money.

Itron will deploy a hybrid of mobile and network communications to gather meter data, which will help in increasing efficiency and accuracy of meter reading. Itron will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the network.

City of Lancaster public works director Charlotte Katzenmoyer said: “The city’s priority is to replace our aging infrastructure so we can avoid water waste and costly repairs. Itron’s technology gives us the tools to ensure the efficient delivery of water.

“We look forward to benefiting from detailed meter data and analytics to give us better visibility into our system. And with Itron Total Outcomes, we don’t have to worry about ongoing hardware or software maintenance.”

Itron Water North America sales marketing and delivery for Paula Billingham said: “Information is at the core of water efficiency. With our smart water solution, the City of Lancaster will gain the data and insights it needs to better manage its system and ensure the resourceful delivery of water.

“Coupled with Itron Total Outcomes, we are making it easier for the City of Lancaster to focus on gaining benefits from our solution instead of having to focus time and resources on maintenance.”