Crop breeding technology provider Chromatin has inked a multi-year supply agreement with US-based ethanol producer and biorefiner Poet.

Chromatin agreed to produce and deliver locally grown sorghum, to be employed in the production of ethanol.

The agreement covers up to 4,400a of Chromatin sorghum that will be grown in South Dakota and supplied to Poet over the course of the multi-year contract.

Poet will employ the sorghum at its Chancellor plant to produce 110 million gallons of ethanol per annum.

Chromatin chief executive officer Daphne Preuss said that the contract with Poet showcases the company’s commitment to boost the usage of grain sorghum in the production of energy-efficient biofuels.

Poet Plant Management Operations vice president Rod Pierson added, "Sorghum is a fantastic grain for producing biofuel, and this arrangement will enable us to better manage costs and balance feedstock markets."

Ethanol plants are expected to benefit from the usage of alternative crops by reducing feedstock costs and carbon footprint.